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IT based tools developed from supporting a single user in a single task to supporting business processes that cross company boundaries and extend over geographical and cultural borders. More and more it becomes clear that such tools or support systems cannot be left to grow on an ad-hoc basis. Symptoms are legacy systems that are so intertwined that one cannot intervene and software construction projects that, as development progresses, seem to yet need more time to finish. IT changed from an enabling technology to a stumbling block. In change processes as well as in product development, producing or changing the necessary software is on the critical path. And what is the answer?

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The design aims at finding a synthesis between all aspects of your company. The phenomena to consider in the design are numerous. To name just some of them: the strategy or mission statement, the current information and information handling systems, your future information needs, currently available IT expertise, the way your company interacts with its environment...

In designing the Enterprise Information Architecture we take perspectives from a company, a human and an IT point of view.

With an Enterprise Information Architecture you disclose and expand the knowledge on information. It enables you to treat information as a production factor. It improves your position towards solution providers. Versatile systems result from pure models that combine strategy, people and technology.