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Now that I sometimes am my own webmaster I can see that some "guests" fail to find my favicon. This is the icon that appears in the address field of your browser. I do have one, but it has a different name.
Such an icon must be 16x16 pixels in size. But then, in the light of 6 billion world citizens, can enough different favicons exist? Yes. And can I find a way to make them pay? Yes.
The icon is 16x16 = 256 pixels in size. For each pixel you can choose one of 256x256x256 colors.
Hence 256x256x256 to the power of 16x16 and that is only 3.37e+1849 different icons can be made. (a 3 followed by 1849 zeroes)
Shall I start an internet based registration service? Or, if one exists already, there register all zillions of icons? I'm willing to sell my registered icons at a price of 1 US dollar a piece. Some, the ones that are close to black or are close to white, can go for 10 dollar cents.

New opportunities, new rules, little work tons of money, share knowledge, money as a mission, respectful service... what do you want internet to do for you? And your 6 billion neighbours, what do they want?
With thanks to my collegue Xavier Clairbois who solved an arithmetic error in the original version.