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Welcome to the site of iminc. This company has its roots in 2001. Twenty years of IT experience in innovative projects for multi-national companies and an architectural background together formed the basis for starting iminc.

A multitude of ideas and plans converged to two areas that we now focus on:

  • Enterprise Information Architecture
    We trigger a process that discloses your knowledge on information, the information that allows you to achieve your goals. We create an environment in which you maintain and expand on that knowledge and thus enable you in making the right IT related decisions. With that we improve your position towards those that offer IT solutions.
  • Information Architecture
    In the USA these terms refer to the design of internet based information systems. More in particular there the term refers to the designing of the visible part of such systems, the dynamics and the layout by which information is handed to users. Iminc both designs and builds internet based systems and web-sites.

So we work at two sides of the spectrum and on this web-site will give you a taste of these activities.

Theo van Eijndhoven.